“Suite Dreams: Design Tips for Creating the Luxury of a 5 Star Hotel in Your Bedroom”

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“Suite Dreams: Design Tips for Creating the Luxury of a 5 Star Hotel in Your Bedroom”

Dawn was invited by Macy*s and Domino Magazine to host the  “Suite Dreams” lecture series, where she spoke about creating a luxury hotel feel in your own bedroom.  Events were held at Macy*s in both the Aventura and Dadeland malls.  Here are some excerpts from the presentation:

“Your home is the backdrop, the setting,  the springboard for your life.  When we consider our homes in that way, we design spaces that inspire and transport us”.

“Using multiple layers of fine linens is the standard at superior hotels, in my opinion high quality bedding really does improve your night’s sleep”.

These creative ideas can easily be incorporated into your space and can be as simple as adding fresh flowers to a room:

  1. PAINT – In general relaxing colors are key to bedroom chic.  Stick with the colors in nature,  neutrals and other soft hues.  Save bold colors for accents and accessories that can be rotated out.
  2. If you are buying new FURNITURE, use pieces that are  functional, comfortable and stylish.  One popular look that is easy to emulate is the oversize, padded headboard, perfect for propping up to read or watch TV.   I absolutely love upholstered headboards.  They are the ultimate in comfort and you can be so creative with fabrics, shapes and sizes.  A bench at the end of the bed anchors it and makes it look more finished.  It also provides a nice place to sit down to put on your shoes.  If you have enough room, don’t forget that nice little desk that most hotel rooms have.  A little writing desk with a delicate  chair look great and can be very useful.  For the hotel look, keep it small and graceful not office like.
  3. LIGHTING is so important in any room.  Always layer lighting and always use dimmer switches.  In your bedroom you’ll need bedside reading lamps and perhaps a statement piece like an elegant chandelier.  You will also need a chair side reading lamp in your seating area if you have one.  The layers of light add dimension to the room, drama and flexibility; you can change the mood of the room based on your activities.
  4. The WINDOW TREATMENTS, like the bedding should be kept simple and rich looking.  In hotels they often use heavily lined blackout drapes.  Some people (including myself) like to sleep in on occasion so being able to keep your room completely dark is just super!  Whatever your preference, your drapery & bedding  should feel dramatic and lavish, using natural fabrics like cotton, linen and silk.
  5. In a bedroom carpet can be gorgeous and is the FLOORING of choice in most hotels.  it is nice to step out of bed onto a soft surface.  Both wall to wall carpeting and area rugs add warmth and plushness to a room.  They also have noise absorbing properties.  I think that area rugs are a must if you have tile or other hard surface flooring as many of us do here in South Florida.
  6. ACCESSORIES are also crucial.  Live plants are wonderful if you have the time and the inclination to care for them.  Fresh flowers can provide a splash of color and a natural fragrance.  Hang artwork in your bedroom.  A large scale piece that is meaningful to you adds to the rooms ability to transport you.
  7. Last but not least keep your room clean and tidy.  De-clutter and make your bed every day.  Pay attention to the details.  Small touches make a big difference.


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