Central Park Residence

11/02/10 6:57 pm | | Posted By: admin

Central Park Residence

This is a residence on Central Park in New York City.  I wanted to balance the gray of the City with color.  I was inspired by the autumn leaves in the park below and I used shades of red, pink and purple to warm the space.  The feel is romantic yet decidedly modern.  I also focused on simple geometric shapes.  An example of this can be seen in the dining area.  The cones in the chandelier are juxtaposed with conical opening in the back of the dining chairs.  The cone shape is repeated once again in the base of the dining table.

In this master suite I again used a satin upholstered headboard. I love a touch of satin in a master bedroom if the client’s lifestyle allows for it!
On a personal note this project was especially exciting for me as I can see my old college dorm at Columbia out the west facing windows of the apartment.

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